Saint Mary’s day messages. Congratulations, wishes and SMS can you send to people celebrating their name day


Even if you may not find the most inspired present at this special moment, a good thought and a heartfelt wish sent to those who celebrate their day today can be the perfect gift. Say to them “Happy birthday” and enjoy special moments with your loved ones.

Urari de Sfanta Maria acquired and translated in English

Just like the Virgin Mary whose name you bear, learn to forgive, to be better, wiser, to forgive me when I am wrong and to teach me to be, in my turn, a better person. Happy Birthday!

Because you are such a good, kind and loyal person, I want the Virgin Mary to take care of you, to guide your steps and to light your way in life.A beautiful day is the day of your name! Enjoy life, smiles, everything that is beautiful. Happy birthday, Mary!On St. Mary’s Day, this great celebration, receive from me the most sincere wishes of well-being, health, good luck and the fulfillment of all wishes. May God guide you in everything you do. Happy Birthday!All happiness for today because is the day of your name, a simple and beautiful name, as pure and gentle as you. I wish you all the best and enjoy all the happiness in the world. Happy Birthday!On this Holy Day of Saint Mary, may all the goodness and love springing from a great heart be reflected on you. Happy Birthday!The day of your name is a day when the soul overcomes any trace of sadness, when everything that was hard seems easy to you. It’s your name day. Happy Birthday, Mary!My friend, Mary, I hope to always remain a young and lively spirit, to always be together and never forget the beautiful friendship between us. Happy birthday, Mary!It is a day when the soul overcomes any trace of sadness, when everything that was hard seems easy to you. It’s your name day! Happy Birthday, Mary!May all the beautiful events and the spirit of this day accompany you everywhere. I wish you a beautiful St. Mary’s Day!May the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose name you bear, protect you, guide your steps and light your way!We celebrate the Virgin Mary and we celebrate you. Always remain gentle, kind and nice to everyone around you!May from this holy day, in the smooth path of your life, always rise a ray of sunshine that will bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday onSaint Mary’s Day!Because today is a special day for you, I join those who wish you from the bottom of my heart a sincere Happy Birthday!Keep your young soul and rejoice unceasingly, for me you remain a trusted friend and a man of value! May the light of Saint Mary always enlighten our lives and minds! Happy Birthday!I wish you a name day as colorful as the wings of a butterfly, as happy as a nightingale’s song, and as beautiful as a garden full of flowers.Just as Mary, the Mother of God, overcame sadness and tears, so I want you to overcome the storm of hardships. Happy Birthday!It’s great to know that someone likes you, someone thinks of you, someone needs you… but it’s even more wonderful to know that there is someone who never forgets your name day. Happy birthday on Saint Mary’s DayI would like you to be almost always with me, as you have been until now, and to enjoy every day the purity and warmth of your soul, broken as if by the love of the Virgin Mary.For the day that smiles on your doorstep and bears its beautiful name, I wish you all the dearest and most beautiful in the world! Happy Birthday on Saint Mary’s Day!



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