5 Best Day trips and Excursions in Munich To Neuschwanstein Castle


Schloss Neuschwanstein or even the New Swan Stone Castle is probably the most famous 19th-century castle in Europe. The “castle of the fairy tale king” was created by King Ludwig II in 1886 in order to withdraw from public life. Opened to everyone just 7 days after the death of his, this particular historical glossy palace is frequented by 1.4 million folks a year. The Romanesque Revival Palace is situated on a hill above the village of Nohenschwangau near Fussen in Bavaria, Germany.

1)            Neuschwanstein Castle Small-group day tour from Munich

Discover the incredible early castle situated in the hills of the Alps encompassed by the breathtaking and lush scenery. The drive begins from the capital of the Bavaria region, Munich, and proceeds with a 2-hour coach or train drive to the “Cinderella Castle”. The enchanting construction was created by the mad King Ludwig II and looks as perfect as a wonder tale. The white towers of the castle rise magnificently in the paradise.

2)            Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof day tour from Munich

Going by a deluxe air-conditioned tour bus, you are going to visit the 2 fantasy castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and probably the most amazing achievements of western architecture, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein. Built in Rococo design in the 19th century, the Linderhof Castle may be the smallest of 3 royal castles. Afterwards, you’ll like looking at the tiny municipality of Oberammergau, that’s pretty popular because of its painted houses & woodcarvers.

3)            Neuschwanstein Castle Luxury bus and Bike tour from Munich

Admire the gorgeous Algau region of Bavaria and also watch the wonderful city of Hohenschwangau in this full-day trip. Delight in the attractiveness of the medieval castle and hear the story of the extravagant reign of the debatable King Ludwig II. Early in the day you are going to take a bicycle trip around Hohenschwangau and stop at St. Mary’s bridge to take pleasure in the view of the enticing landscapes of the Bavarian Alps. When you’re there, benefit from a pleasant swim in a rejuvenating alpine lake.


4)            Neuschwanstein Castle full-day tour from Munich

The majestic Bavarian countryside and the incredible environment of Neuschwainstein also make the trip a genuine fairy tale. When you turn up, you have an extraordinary chance to view the very best of the Cinderella Castle and find out about the debatable life and death of King Ludwig II. Hear much more about Richard Wagner’s extraordinary music compositions which were an inspiration for mad King Ludwig II to construct this legendary palace.

5)            Neuschwanstein Castle, Linderhof Palace, and Oberammergau day trip from Munich

The tour departs early in the morning out of the middle of Munich. It is a fantastic winter trip in which you are going to explore the impressive German palaces like Neuschwanstein, Linderhof Palace, and also the little town of Oberammergau. The tickets for all the castles are purchased ahead of time so that you won’t have to stand in line. The very first stop is Linderhof Palace in which you are able to take pleasure in the early interior before the visit of your the quaint town of Oberammergau. The community is going to impress you with special painted houses, its Woodcarver stores as well as the scrumptious meal you are able to savour in the area eateries.

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